Brittany and Craig, Huracán Café, Pics by PhotoSouvenir / by Anna Nuet

Tuesday July 7th, 

As normally, we met early in the morning at Huracán Café bridal room. When I chat with my brides to give them a timeline and give them an starting time everything sounds very early but honestly mornings go sooo fast, next thing you know "You are walking down the aisle" I say ! Also is pretty cool seeing your venue being transformed, spending the morning out of the resort where you can not be bothered (take notes! ) with millions of last minute questions and instead, sipping mimosas by the beach with the girls!

As the morning goes every single detail is being set outside you think it can not get better but it's actually possible, I think the decor ladies on any Off resort venues always exceed brides expectations because is not the same "Pinning " pics on Pinterest than seeing it in person, specially if it's your wedding!  

Mayte and Nati, of course did it again and I love hearing my brides saying " I feel I just walked into my Pinterest board, but better! "

Kyla, Brittany's daughter was very excited to get pampered too, so cute!

I always tell the brides they are going to start to feeling it real once the photographer and videographer shows up, then seems that the show is about to start.

Diego and Juan from Cores Films always with a smile :)

Mother and dad of the bride :)

Brittany and Craig, happily ever after.