I need to start planning my big day, tips and tricks from your hair and make up artist / by Anna Nuet

Once your big day is getting close and you have picked, venue, photographer, hair and make up artist etc  is time to get into details. How to organize the big day and how to create a timeline for the day. The hairstylist and make up artist is the first vendor you will meet in the morning  so the first one on the chain of all the vendors.

When my brides ask me what time should we start I normally ask a few questions, first of all we need to know how many services I will be doing in total, second and very important is  the photographer schedule, as I said we will work on a chain so we all have to be flexible to, of course, please the bride but still be able to do our jobs perfectly.

Pic by Asia Pimentel

Pic by Asia Pimentel

How to detail a timeline?

 I say hair takes 30/40 minutes  all depends on hair texture, length, thickness and hairstyle to achieve. I normally know how is the bride’s hair but I don’t about the other ladies (bridesmaids, moms , other guests) so it could be faster or take longer depending on that. For a professional, long lasting hairstyle it can not be done in less time.

Hair washed and dried from the day before for different reasons. Hair will be easier to style if it’s not recently washed and silky. Any styling will hold better, curls, waves, updos in general. If just one of the ladies shows up with the hair not blow dried or even wet it will take another extra 20/30 minutes on top of the 30 for the styling and could mess up all the timeline. Just for one person we could run behind an hour.

Make up takes about 30 minutes and only if there is something needs to be changed, will take longer.

As more ladies I have to get ready earlier we would need to start buuut if the bride doesn’t want to get up super early on her wedding day we could always start doing the rest of the ladies and the bride  come later.

When deciding the starting time and if it’s not a very early morning call I like to give an extra 30/60 minutes and I will explain why. There is a A LOT going on on that day and we all want to make it run smoothly also we want you to enjoy it! While I am with the ladies getting them ready you will need to have breakfast and lunch or at least some snacks, there is time needed for bathroom breaks, for I forgot something and I need to go back to my room!, for cigarrete break, for selfies, for gifts and kisses, for champagne toast … trust me … I’ve seen it all! Also someone could run late for the pick up in the morning or over sleep, we are all humans that’s why life happens and we have to prevent !

About the photographer timeline, if you are planning on doing the “first look” think about at what time this will be done, as earlier the first look is scheduled earlier your hair And make up will need to be done ( think how much time it would be in between the first look and the ceremony!).  Also if you decide on doing family and wedding party pics before the ceremony so,  lets say you all need to be done by 1pm instead than 3pm, we will need to take these 2 hours from the morning and start earlier.

When the bride’s hair and make up should be done? Again all depends on photographer needs. I like to prep the hair earlier in the morning ( set up the curls on pins ) and style it mid morning or even after the make up it’s done. Some brides like to be the last ones on hair and make up some want to be done on the very beginning because they don’t want to be on pics without any make up on. That’s your choice !

Regarding venue/hotel where to get ready you will always need to check at what time we can start in the morning and use the bridal suite, in case of a venue, or what time the hotel will allow outside vendors to come in, depending on day pass polices.

When I go to Resorts I am always 30 minutes, at least, earlier at the front door because some of them are very strict and even knowing us if they don’t have our name at the front door , meaning you told your wedding coordinator you are bringing me in at certain time and she/he let the front desk know in order for them to say yes , it could take us forever to come in. Plus, once on the property, we still need to check in, leave our ID and get a bracelet. (Please check the vendor fees at your resort, it changes every year! )

 This simple step that you think could be done in 15/20 minutes could takes us an hour or more! I have been there! And this is not how you want your morning to be started. My advice is, when getting ready at the resort, check, double check, triple check our name is on the front door the night before! Even though I always email the bride once I get at the door or if anything is going on.

I always email my bride the night before to check the starting time with her and see if there is any last minute situation. When the getting ready is at the venue I will normaly get in touch with the wedding coordinator to check the times with them and make sure we are all on the same page.

And I think it’s all… I hope I helped a lil to have an idea on how to organize  your day and things you might didn’t think on count when making a timeline.

I wanted to end saying All the vendors in PC are a little family, enjoy working together and we all give our 100% on each wedding for you to have an amazing day.

Thanks for having me <3