Samira and Jonathan, Jellyfish Restaurant, August 8th 2015 by Anna Nuet

Samira was one of these ladies easy to connect with, I loved how honest she was telling me how much she loves make up and warned me she will  add a few touches after what I would do, like eyebrows and work on her lashes. Nothing better than having a client who knows exactly what she wants and hey! I was  totally open to listen and let her add her magical touch ups! Honestly she did really know how to accentuate her beautiful Persian features and made a beautiful bride. 

She was a lil concerned about her hair because she has very thin hair and it doesn't reacts so good with humidity,  like most of my brides she  wanted full and kinda big hair, and wanted to stay.  I think  I achieved it ;)

We had a busy and fun  morning at Jellyfish bridal room in between of kids smiles , fun stories from the past and lots of hugs. 

Stunning Jellyfish Restaurant as usual ( I have been there hundreds of times and I am never tired of it ), blue sky, a few rain drops and palm trees. We had it all!

And see the sunset! Thanks life for sunsets!

all pics by Julia Eskin



Last touch ups before the ceremony ...

Pastor Mark wonderful as always and sand ceremony.

Danaily, Boudoir session by Anna Nuet

On March 27th I met Danaily at 10 am on her hotel room. She was staying at Sanctuary, a beautiful hotel located in Cap Cana with one of the best views in Punta Cana. This hotel is just gorgeous and the colour of the ocean from the room view is just incredible! 

Danaily is a beautiful Cuban lady, fun and sweet and with the well knowed photographer German Paz decided on doing a sexy boudoir session the same morning of the wedding.

It was so great working with German and his wife Sara and having the whole morning for Danaily. I felt I was back in NY or Barcelona working on a fashion photo shoot again. I loved it! The results... see the pics!