Yoel & Anna, September 24th 2014, Isla Saona / by Anna Nuet

Where to start when you decide to blog your own wedding and you are actually on the wedding industry, it was difficult for me to plan something that I live every day, I live on wedding mood almost 24/7 and funny, I never dreamed having my own wedding so it wasn't on my head at all !

I get asked very often how did I meet Yoel, my husband and if I moved here because of him, it would be a god start for a love story right? It gets better!!!

I lived in NY for almost 4 years and my last winter there I said, no more miserable winter for me, enough snow ! I am going somewhere warm and with palm trees! Even if a lot of my old friends thought I had a New York spirit I actually always thought I belong somewhere in the Caribbean, white sand, turquoise water and palm trees, loots of palm trees! So I decided to come visit DR in November 2012 to see how I liked it and I invited my parents to come from Barcelona and meet here for my 30th birthday. Long story short the day I was turning 30 my mom insisted on going to Saona Island for a excursion and honestly I hated the idea ( because I don't like turisty things) but I agreed to do something nice with my parents. Yoel was working on the catamaran we took to go to Saona and after having a few drinks myself and him giving me a few shy looks we had our first dance, my mom actually recorded it!  

I went back to NY and I emailed a photographer I saw online , Asia Pimentel, I saw she did weddings in Saona so I decided tell her I was planning/thinking on going to DR maybe next year during the winter. Next think you know, after a few days, I received my first inquire from one of Asia's brides and  she booked me right away and more brides emailed me, and more bookings and more inquiries, all of a sudden I was moving to DR in like 6 months! I went back to NY a few times to do weddings I had booked and few private clients and that's all! I haven't seen NY since September 2013!

The same year, November 2013, on my birthday and the same day we met a year before Yoel proposed, and he said " I know you don't want to get married but I think you deserve a beautiful and unforgettable  day, same as your brides have ... " And I said YES! 

We decided  getting married the same day as my parents September 24th and I wanted to have Asia to capture our day because, because of her I started my business here with the best luck and I wanted the same on my marriage. Asia is very special for me :)


I had Danielle Darmanin doing my hair, she was my roomate in NY and basically my family! She works for the international trainings  for Matrix NY and Danielle Dvash doing my make up, Danielle is an excellent make up artist and cosmetician   in NYC, I had the pleasure to work with her at Trump Soho Spa.

I wanted a messy messy look and not much make up because I barely wear any, they both nailed it!

Who said I wasn't going to "work" on my wedding day? Only for my mama :)

And this is how I got to my ceremony, on a speed boat! hair and make up done!

40 minutes ride from Bayahibe to Isla Saona.

Yoel was there earlier in the morning with his brothers, Mayte and Nati to find a spot where to set our ceremony, yep! we didn't have one! So everything was a surprise for me!

Of course whatever they improvized was amazing, I wasn't picky, I didn't care about lots of details or decoration I wanted as more natural as possible respecting the beauty around, I didn't need much!

Mayte still laughing when Yoel showed up with half of a palm tree from the forest to put it on the gazebo and fresh coconuts for our guests.

And that was my dreamed bridal room....

Mayte Mari did my wedding dress, from scratch! We bought the fabric in Barcelona and she designed it for me, cut the lace on lil pieces and placed them to cover what we wanted to cover ;) she actually finished it on me as you can see on the picture, sewed the back once I had it on.

We were so lucky to have Mayte and Nati who even the crazy idea of doing it on a virgin island with NOTHING there never said NO. They both can for sure make your dreams come true. Eternal LOVE for them! 



As I said before I didn't care much about decoration and I let Mayte and Nati do their thing. I only said I wanted to use as decor in our tables sea shells, corals and other stuff we found on different beaches around the DR in our trips.

Our favors; coffee from Yoel's grandparents plantation, picked, toasted and grounded by Yoel's grandma and granddad.

Denise Pool, past bride of mine and friend who crashed our wedding and ended being our Mc

We would like to thank to our families, friends and everyone who helped and worked hard to make this dream come true and for being there with us to celebrate our LOVE story.